Trains & Tracks

We have navigated our train always on the same tracks for thousands of years. As a chief guard we don’t have to do anything because our autopilot – our sub-consciousness – does everything.

This site is a shield. It tells you that there is another track nearby that takes you to the unknown known.

What will you do? Will you switch off the autopilot and take over the leadership yourself? Will you begin to slow down to take the other track? Maybe you’ll stay because you don’t know how steep the curve is?

You have already applied the brakes and feel your anxiety clearly: “Don’t do that! You don’t know what’s awaiting you!”

Will you make a turn or will you take the well-known way?

As a child I saw a movie. A magician said: "Only the braves allow themselves to love. Only the braves and curious ones will find their way."

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Magnetism and the compass

We live in a wonderland.. Miracles happen everywhere. Miracles of life!. But we do not see them. To us, everything is self-evident and we do not ask any questions. And if our intellect doesn’t find an answer, we forget about it very quickly. It's like a traumatic experience. Our life-sustaining mechanisms repress it very quickly, so that we can continue to live. But suppressing doesn’t mean forgetting. This event affects us in different ways. If we are lucky, we will become aware of it some day. This allows us to understand our lives better and we can even change some things. If we aren’t lucky, we will go ahead living in our chaos.

I still have that non-working compass. It’s 6 years ago that I hit on it. Then I successfully re-suppressed. But because of two independent calls with two men I didn’t know within just one week, I was reminded of that compass and my force. I slowly came to understand that suppression wouldn’t work anymore – the time had come.

I was between 9 and10 years old when I discovered that the compass in my hands did not work properly. As pupils, we always played war games and lived in dense, wild forests. It was vital to be able to orientate yourself.

If the compass needle finally revealed to the north and I turned around, it turned back to 180 degrees. And when it actually calmed down I looked or went in a wrong direction. It used to be the same with the coordinates. I just couldn’t find them.

Neither the teacher nor I suspected that it was caused by my magnetic force. It was obvious to assume I was too stupid to understand how a compass works. Fortunately, no one called me stupid. I just had a little quirk. Besides that, I was one of the best pupils. Now I can explain how this ability has affected my life.

Until recently, I have always said that I could not orientate myself. I was only referring to the coordinates, but this statement has affected my whole life: what we say is how we live!

In fact I could very well orientate myself. My strong intuition has always guided me, but my intellect told me: "You can not." I didn’t believe I had leadership qualities, but was always employed as a manager. This creates conflicts, which make us very confused: on the one hand, there was the idea I couldn’t achieve anything by myself and would need guidance from someone else, on the other hand, there was the fact that I had always lived in a different way. No-one else could determine my life. And caught in this conflict, I had always gone my own way and have achieved my goals.

Do you also have such statements in your head affecting your whole life?

My magnetism also had the consequence that electromagnetic mechanisms such as computers, were not usable for me. The only way left to me, was to work with plants and animals. We got on well with one another and I used to have gray wolves as pets. My plants grew and thrived in greenhouses with almost no light at temperatures near the freezing point, and I was presented with a rich harvest.

But there is nothing that is only negative. In the universe there is harmony! What would have become of me if my force had been discovered earlier, in the Soviet Union? Would I have perhaps been rot in a laboratory or been used as a secret weapon? Now I can decide for myself, how I want to handle my ability – here in Germany, where I feel protected. I am very grateful to the Higher Power that I have survived and that it has kept an eye on me.

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Coordinates and magnetic fields

How can I help you? A baby is born. It is raised by humans. This way an unknown being becomes a human. It will be connected to the parents and to the collective consciousness. Slowly, but surely, it becomes a puppet who has repressed the own true essence in a way that it can’t recollect itself. But quite deep in the heart, in the soul, in spirit, in every cell, the being still carries the information in itself and also the path that leads it home.

And moreover, we are in the magnetic field of the earth, in its coordinate system. We have no space in which we can move freely.

Each of us has its own magnetic field - from the smallest atom to the largest. Both, our physical and our energetic body are orientated to the Earth’s magnetic field.

What happens to a field when it is suddenly situated in a different field? It orients itself to the other field. ANOTHER TRACK that is very personal for everyone – your unique personality.

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What are you afraid of? Of me? Of yourself? Are you afraid of the unknown?

Usually we don't see just our shady side but also our strength, our abilities, intellect, beauty, body. We humans have everything within us, whether we like it or not. In a reasonable amount everything subserve us.

We are a reflection of our world. If we change, will the world change, too?

The global task to save mankind and the planet is only possible if we save ourselves. Every human and his impact on reality can be compared with a stone that is thrown into the water and forms infinite circles on the surface.

We change our reality by self-discovery and by letting go. And everyone we are in contact with, and also the situation we find ourselves in, will also change automatically.

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The light and the human

We want light. We go to the light source, stay in the light, carry the light in us or bring it to the people. We heal with light. We seek God in us, want to be gods!

Is that possible at all? No, it is not! This ensures our reptile brain that is responsible for our life support.

Our subconscious mind associates the word "light" with the sun. In today's time it activates the fear of radiation and skin cancer. In former times we associated heat, burns, thirst and a painful death with the sun. The sun is also associated with God the Almighty, who punishes us.

Our reptile brain takes care that we don’t come too close to the light. Our protection mechanism - fear – will be switched on: We hole up, conform, run away, and encroach upon our rescue.

Perhaps the talents in the limelight “burn” so fast, because they can’t hole up in another way but by suicide or by escaping into drugs and alcohol?

For being God or light you need the ability to delete any information in our DNA. Can you? I can not. Maybe later.

This is a path into a dead end. Let’s prefer the other one: let’s quest for ourselves, for us humans, the inhabitants of our beautiful planet.

The human being we have in us. And we aren’t afraid of him/her. Here we are at home.

Reise in innere Welten - Der Mensch und das Licht deutsche Version